I've been planning for ages...........

  1. At least it seems like it. I have a dream of owning my own business. In a perfect world I would teach prenatal and postpartum classes, consult with clients in perinatal issues, and perhaps do some postpartum support work. I am not sure that I could make a reasonable living out of this so I am resolved that I would probably have to have a part time job too. One with a regular income. Does any one have any suggestions or comments on how best to make this work. I do have a nursing background in OB and I have taught a few years of prenatal classes. I have TONS of information and handouts and ideas. Maybe I am just a little afraid to go out on my own and try. Maybe I just need a bit of encouragement. Should I have malpractice insurance.....the perinatal consulting and postpartum support would seem to warrant having some at least. Would I have to have doctors involved if I am not giving medical advice.....ughhhhh...I really want to get away from doctors for awhile.
    I am open to any and all comments and advice.

    Thanks so much.....

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  3. by   SarasotaRN2b
    Angel, I think that is great! Although I can't say anything about malpractice insurance, etc., if you have all this OB experience, you must have worked closely with a lot of the OBs. Why don't you speak to them? Maybe you can get some patient referrals from them? Also, many first-time moms get mighty anxious about those first few days at home, you would be a godsend to them. If you need to work part-time, why not put some hours in at a hospital during the weekend??

    Good luck!