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  1. Hi, I have been given the opputunity to open a IV therapy treatment and Hydration Clinic by renting out a room in a already established holistic and wellness center, I will be giving IV treatments that will help with recovery in Hangovers ( lactated ringers with IV fluids/Electrolytes , IV B-12 Energy, pain relief and anti nausea) . Hydration for Athletes such as ( electrolytes , vitamins, minerals) beauty and vitamin shot such as glutathione , vitamin B12, etc.. Anyway I have seen some other nurse ran companies online such as this some solely by a RN other have a "medical director with a MD" who serve as the remote "supervisor " I will be in Santa Monica California , and I know Nurses do in fact go out independently to give these treatments ... I am not sure if I have to have a MD to give these treatments or not? They are considered "medications" whitch require Precriptive authority...so I do not see why not...does anyone have any experience in this? Also Np with Precriptive authority , can they give beauty treatments such as Botox etc without a physician present. I also know nurses in CA give these treatments.
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    I am in the midst of researching this currently. I haven't found any clear answers yet! I hope someone with more experience can chime in.
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    What is the scientific basis for these services?

    My understanding is that IV hydration for athletes is not associated with any clinically significant benefit. PO intake is preferred as many homeostatic mechanisms for maintaining normal fluid balance are influenced by the oral/pharyngeal stimulation of drinking.

    Beauty and vitamin shots? Can you provide a little more elaboration here? What other types of services does this facility provide?

    I would encourage you to poke around and see what the scientific data has to say about these types of treatments. As health care providers, we are ethically bound to provide our patients with the safest and most effective treatments available. We are also bound to minimize the risk of any given therapy, as much as possible. It is important to point out that if there is no medical benefit to the patient, then you cannot justify the risks of even something as "minor" as IVF.

    PaleoNurse- I am a huge fan of sciencebasedmedicine.org for discussions regarding alt med practices. Just throwing that out there
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    tigarlily25 Hey there! So did you accept the position? If not why, if so how is it going?
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    PaleoNurse, MSN, RN Keep us updated! I have started to see more of these positions ( nutritional IV therapy) . I live in the very conservative Washington DC area yet many people are interested in integrative health options.