Independent Contracting

  1. I really hope this forum gets up and going. I have a few questions or anyone who is an independent contractor out there:

    1. When looking for hospitals in which to work, who do I deal with or contact? Do I go through human resources or contact nursing administration?

    2. How is the billing usually done?

    3. Must I be incorporated or is a business license good enough?

    I really hope there is someone out there who is willig to answer these questions. If we make it easier for nurses to go independent, that can only benefit us all.
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  3. by   diana page
    I have obtained a DBA number and my own malpractice insurance.
    In NYS you can obtain a DBA #(doing business as) for about $35, we obtain the paper work and record it in the local county clerks office
  4. by   nightingale
    With an LLC, I have heard, that the liability and the tax advantage is better.

    It sounds like it would be best to get that set up with an accountant and an attorney.

    How do you find out about Workers comp. etc..?

    What other questions should we be asking?

    Linda.. how long have you been doing this?

  5. by   dmagee
    If you do your own contract you will have to show the hospital a comp certificate. You can get comp through the NY State insurance fund. Just call your insurance agent where you got your liability insurance. It will cost a minimum of $600 to start then $1.68 for every hundred earned. That is on the net, not gross. The law states that you do not have to have comp if you do not hire employees, but the hospital requires it of your company and that opens the door for the comp man to make his first visit to you table. They are jerks. As a sole propreitor they will probably require you to pay. If you're a corp you will not have to pay. Some hospitals will require you to do background test and drug test, some will want to know how many people work for your company. It is very difficult to get contracts.
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  6. by   dmagee
    You have to contact human resources. The receptionist is trained to send you to voice mail or just say they are not taking contracts at this time. You need to know someone to get in and even then it is difficult to get an agency rate if your a nurse. Your business will have to invoice the hospital and then you wait 30-90 days to get paid, usually the later. Be sure to do credit checks on the hospital, because some won't pay. Most hospitals will want to see that you're incorporated. It is best tax wise and liability wise for you to be incorporated. I know a law group that specializes in business entities. You will have to e-mail me privately on that issue.
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  7. by   SICU Queen
    It all sounds like a BIG pain in the butt.