I.C. psychiatry?

  1. Hello,
    I have been reading the posts here and they have been informative and inspirational. I have many questions and I am planning on doing a search on this forum.
    My friend and I (both currently travel psych nurses) were curious on how to break into Independent Nursing especially in light of the fact that we are both currently working as Travel Psychiatric nurses.
    I am wondering if any one of you have any ideas for us. Also how in the world do you get started with this if you have little to no business background. I am talking ABC's here. lol....It seems to me based on my reading that some of you have had some exposure to business, taxes, and other topics pertinent to this discussion.
    Any ideas , web sites or any other input would be most welcome.
    This is a great forum and I personnally am so appreciative of allnurses.com. Many a cold night I have curled up on my couch with laptop in tow to read posts and keep myself informed.
    Thank you all so much!
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  3. by   nightingale
    Welcome fawnsternure!

    I do not have an opinion (yet) so I will give it some thought. Perhaps some of my colleagues will share some thoughts or direct you (hope so). I do want to welcome you on the board and look forward to hearing about your growth in the wonderful world of Entrepreneural Nursing!