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I have been interested in starting a foot care service for some time now and after reading posts from LoisJean feel this is something I can do. I would like to start out by receiving some kind of... Read More

  1. by   rouqie
    I just wanted to post and thank everyone for the information. I am an LPN who actually loves doing feet my place of work has been having me do all the diabetic foot care trimming and monitoring in between podiatrist visits. I love it. Thanks for all the information and for letting me know that it's normal to like to take care of feet. I was begining to think I just had a crazy pruely non sexual fetish.
  2. by   Hisdaughter
    Hello fellow footcare nurses,
    I'd appreciate some help. My foot care clinic has been soaking feet in warm water for five minutes prior to assessment and trim. I would like to switch to using a spray solution I have heard something about...but do not quite remember. I think it was a mixture of 16 oz water with 1 oz each of mineral oil, alcohol and antibacterial liquid soap. Is that correct? Do I rinse with a warm wash cloth to avoid a problem with the soap being left on? For those who have used it, are you satisfied with the spray? I hate to encourage folks to soak their feet when it really is not the best thing to do. It is also time consuming. Thanks for all your input.
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  3. by   shorehamlpn
    Tutti...can you send me the link for the website of Anne Nelson?
    I have been searching all over for a canadian certification site/school for both Basic & Advanced foot care.
    Many Thanks
  4. by   ladybug-1rn
    Does anyone know if you have to be certified to provide basic and intermediate foot care?
    I took the foot and nail care course offered by the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and found it very helpful with teaching foot and nail care because they offer a hands on clinic the second day. However I did just take the WOCN foot and nail care certification exam and did not pass. I found the class did not offer me the information I needed to take the exam.
  5. by   shorehamlpn
    I am glad to say I have taken my Advanced & Diabetic Foot Care Course, and have been certified. Since taking the course in October, I have 5 clinics per month (mostly all have 10 clients per day), I have 32 residents at a Nursing Home, and approx. 60 Homes I do foot care as well.
    Just today I aquired 4 more clinics and 3 more Home Clients! (My client base grows pretty much on a constant basis).
    I really enjoy doing foot care and am so glad I was finally able to find a Certification Program.
  6. by   piscesrn53

    Hello everyone,

    I have been avidly reading the comments made regarding a career in foot and nail care. I am an R.N. who has been in this "business" for 30plus years with the bulk of my experience in the perioperative area. I work in an outpatient surgery center. I am really looking for a different direction to my career and I am interested to learn more about this area of expertise. I would like to have Anne Nelsons e-mail address if anyone has it so I can find out about classes in Canada. It sounds like they have a pretty extensive program with a good clinical experience. If anyone knows of any other programs I would be very
    interested in any information you can impart. Ive noticed some really hard working, smart and savvy entrepreneur-nurses on this site and I'm anxious to learn more!
  7. by   ehresources
    PM me as I believe it would be against the rules for me to say too much about courses in nursing foot care.
  8. by   PeeCatcher
    I've taken the foot and nail course at UWEC. It was very informative. If you need more information, pm me as I work in the area!
  9. by   seghull
    I went to a five day class in St. John, New Brunswick. It was very good, and provided anything you could need for certification. They did teach using ingrow scissors instead of the clippers we are familiar with, but that was okay. I have switched to clippers. You can check it out at

    I went all the way there from Washington State. It was a great trip. St. John is on the Bay of Fundy, where they have the biggest tides in the world. Oh, and I got to learn foot care too!

  10. by   roadnurse
    Yes, there are courses at Malaspina college in Nanaimo, BC on Vancouver Island, Vancouver,BC at Vancouver Community College, University of the Fraser Valley and other courses in Ontario, Canada. All vary greatly in cost and length of time.
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  11. by   seghull
    Oh, oh. Looks like I broke a rule.
  12. by   sirI
    Yes, you may discuss educative entites as long as you do not have ties with these entites and/or solicit the membership.
  13. by   piscesrn53
    Thanks Kelly I am looking for a course on foot and nail care that is fairly comprehensive in order to take the certification exam in the US. I realize that you are not supposed to recommend a particular one but I think if you pm me you might be able to make some suggestions (not viewed by the general population) is that correct? well anyway any insight you might have would be appreciated. I think the programs in Canada seem to be more in depth and have some good clinical attached to them. I live in Nashville Tn so I would have to travel a distance so I want to make sure the program is good before I put out the time travel and money. Thanks so much!