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  1. Hello....any recent advice/ commentary on starting a foot care business? There is an old thread, but I'm wondering if there is anything more recent from any foot care nurses...thanks so much. I am on my way next week to Rainier Med in WA for training, hopefully to complete certification and begin a business...any help or comments would be appreciated...Debbie
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    Hello...I am sad that my post did not get any replies...I had hoped to connect with other nurses who had taken the leap into entrepreneurship, maybe into Foot Care Nursing!

    But, I have been moving forward with my plans to begin my own business, and just wanted to give a few updates in case there are others out in nurse cyberspace who might be considering the leap that I will soon be taking...and I would love to connect with any of you who might be interested in learning about the Foot Care Nursing field, the possibilities for business, the steps involved in doing it right, etc.

    I did attend the clinical training with Dr. Julia Overstreet near Seattle...met a group of wonderful other RNs either already in this field and practicing as Foot Care Nurses, or as I, planning to begin practice in this field soon. The training was great...besides having studied 6 hours of videos on our own before the in person training, getting didactic training from Dr. Julia, we practiced first on pieces of wood and on model feet with artificial nails, and then we jumped right into working on actual feet connected to actual patients!

    These patients were amazing, with so many stories, so much heart, and definitely interesting feet and toenails to practice on! On the days that I attended, the patients ranged from young Down's syndrome men who needed help with foot care, to a young 42 yr old business executive with fairly normal feet
    ( other than a minor fungal infection in 1 toenail) who just wanted an hour to get work done on her Ipad while someone else took care of her feet, to a 96 1/2 yr old ( that 1/2 yr was very important for her to own!) barely mobile woman who remarked that having her toenails cared for was the highlight social outing in her month, to a woman with such a severe thickened toenail with fungus that she had been too embarrassed for more than 10 years to let anyone see her foot...and in less than an hour her nail was thinned to a normal depth and smoothed out enough for her to once again wear normal depth shoes! It was truly an eye opening experience which clearly showed the need for these type of services.
    Definitely showed me that going forward with starting this Foot Care Nursing business would be a way for me to feel that I am making a great difference every day Providing very needed services, but also would be a way to earn a very good living in my own private practice...

    I am continuing getting my additional units to apply for and take the exam to be certified as a Foot Care Specialist, and working with SCORE mentors to help me work toward completing all of the business "stuff" necessary to run a legitimate business, buy necessary equipment and supplies, upgrade my liability insurance, and get my website constructed and marketing materials designed and printed, as well as getting all the necessary care planning tools in place. This process is a little daunting, but very exciting...can't wait to be up and running in the next few months.

    In the meantime, I am telling people about what I am doing, starting to spread the word so that marketing will be easier once my materials are printed and I can professionally present myself and my services.

    Any other nurses out there interested in beginning a Foot Care Nursing Biz? Reach out to me!
  4. by   Eagle2110
    Good morning!

    Im also interested in getting out on my own! I'm very much in the baby stages but have connected locally with a wonderful RN who has been doing it for years! However, she only does foot care once a month on average because of her other endeavors. I'm currently a wound care nurse so foot care is not foreign to me, but I don't get to focus solely on foot care while in clinic. My state laws doesn't state that a RN needs a physician's order for foot care; however, I've decided to contact the board to be sure about that. Will you have a clinic or only be mobile?
  5. by   nursedebbieg
    Hello...Thanks for finally providing any response!!! ☺

    Where are you located? It is great that you have someone nearby to use as a mentor...that would be so helpful to me.

    I am moving forward, albeit slowly ( due to lack of funds...I have been out of work for almost 11 months now due to a traumatic fall, and living on work comp!)...

    Got my logo that I designed yesterday, played around with designing my business card last night, continuing to finish up the CEUs I need before I can apply to take the certification exam...hard to find appropriate courses that I can afford. And slowly taking care of the business aspects necessary to begin...

    I am going to begin mobile, then as I get my name out there, and make some community connections, I am hoping to find an appropriate space to rent or trade/ share to hold at least 1 or 2 clinics a week...
  6. by   Fancnanc40
    Hi! I am working towards my certification in foot care. Having problems finding a mentor in my area. Where are you located?
  7. by   nursedebbieg
    Hi...I am located in Ventura County, CA. Where are you?

    I am almost done with MY last few CEUs so that I can apply for and take the certification exam. My marketing materials are taking shape, and I am working with SCORE to get my last few business questions will probably be another month or 2 before I am ready to get out there to market my business and start getting patients to begin working on...but I WILL get there!

    Having a mentor would be a great help, but I, too, have been unable to find anyone anywhere near me doing this ( which should be great to verify that I have no competition, but doesn't help as I try to navigate the "getting up and going waters")...however, going to Seattle to work with Dr. Julia Overstreet ( Rainier Medical) to get some clinical experience was so very helpful, , and I am now buying and studying several of her online courses which are also very helpful. As I get closer to being ready to "open for business" I will communicate with Dr. Julia who has promised to be available for any questions.

    I highly recommend attending at least 2 days of hands on training with Dr. Overstreet if you want to experience what it is actually like to practice foot care nursing, and to learn the basics that you will need to be safe and effective when practicing...It was tough to swing that trip to Seattle financially for me, but well worth it after the fact!

    Good luck in starting YOUR business...I would be happy to communicate with you further if you would like... Debbie
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    I've recently become intrigue by the idea of a foot care business. I've just started taking some CEs on foot care. I have never seen myself as the entrepreneurial type, so I'm not sure on the direction I'll go.
  9. by   nursedebbieg really is a great way to stay in nursing, but be out on your own. It also is REALLY rewarding, which is important to me...I'm not up and running yet, but the few days I spent in Seattle at Dr. Julia Overstreet's clinic convinced me of the need for this service as well as the impact that simply interacting with the seniors while providing the routine foot care had on their lives.

    I am just about ready to take the certification exam through American National Foot Care Association. I will have to delay my business start for an additional 2 months because I am having surgery in 2 weeks, but I will use that recovery time to get all of my marketing materials finalized, my website up and live, and buy the remainder of my equipment and get things organized.

    Definitely consider this nursing specialty...

    Where are you located?
  10. by   beekee
    I found a charity in my area that performs footcare for the homeless. I'm excited to get some experience with that organization to see how I like it. I will try that before I throw down the cash for formal training.
  11. by   nursedebbieg
    That sounds about your expert!!
    Where are you located?
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