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As an international applicant, I plan to take the English exams for RN. I can choose from Toefl, IELTS, MELAB (michigan english language assessment battery), TOEIC (test of english for international communication), and CELBAN (Canadian english language benchmark assessment for nurses).

I am a little weak on spoken English, but good on listening, reading and writing. Can anyone give me some advice please?

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Hi sweety!

1. If you need english exam for Canadians, choose TOEIC (it has not writing-essay part and is pretty easy) and Melab for spoken.... this combination is accepted by nursing board in Ontario (ask other boards if they accept this combination)

2. If you need english exam for USA, Ielts it seems that is a little easy (pm me for materials if you want), but I choosed TOEFL (love Toefl style with all my heart..that is me... even if is a little hard) (also PM if you wnat somenthing more)

You will pass I am sure! Muaaaaaaaaah for a new nurse!:yeah::yeah:

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Where do you plan to work? For the US, the VSC does not accept the Mi exam any longer, and you have a choice of either the iBT, or the IELTS series. I prefer the IELTS as you do the speaking section with a human and not a maching.

The TOEIC exam only covers one area and you will need to complete the other two sections, so no sense in writing that. It is only considered a basic English exam and does not offer speaking either.

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