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Endoscopy Specimens

by Ckeeley581 Ckeeley581 (New) New Nurse

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I am currently working in endoscopy and I am curious how other units take specimens. Currently we use cups with small amount of NS and the MD take the biopsy forceps and placed it into the cup then we transfer the specimen to the formalin cup. Our management wants us to place the forcep directly into the formalin, fmrince the forcep in a NS cup then take more specimens from the patient. Can other endo nurse please let me know how your unit takes specimens for EGD and Colonoscopies. We are concerned with the Docs getting formalin splashed on us and formalin being transferred to the patient.

Chickenlady, ADN

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We swish the forcep in the formalin cup and then rinse the forcep in sterile water before putting it back in the scope. Our tech handles the forcep while the Doc handles the scope. There are some spills occasionally, but we use tiny cups, so no problem really.