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Endorsement of RN License from Northern Mariana Islands to US Mainland

by Uzumaki142 Uzumaki142 (New) New Nurse

Specializes in General Nursing. Has 11 years experience.

Hi everyone! I recently pass my NCLEX-RN last Feb 2020, my state is NMI, the question is, which US state is easiest to apply when endorsing your NMI license to other states? I would really appreciate your replies. šŸ˜€

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Silverdragon102, BSN

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It isnā€™t a case on which is easier but which state you want to live and work in.

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vince_reads, BSN, LVN, RN

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NMI isn't even a state; it's a US territory. Where do you want to live and work? What does your heart tell you? Silly question but you have to consider your main priorities as well.

Hi, I just passed NCLEX and my BON is NMI. Where did you ended up to endorse? Iā€™m not sure if I get a job in NMI as international new grad? I think I should endorse mine too!Ā