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Hi, does anyone tried Endorsing RN License to California this year? How long did it take you to get actual license? For Foreign Graduate (Philippines) did you take any deficiencies? About the School Transcript, did you use CGFNS or from your school to Cali. BON?

Inputs/advices much appreciated. Thank you.


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My friend from Southern California did endorse her license from Illinois to here using Breeze. It only took 2 months for her all in all from sending her documents to the BRN and all, then she received a response that she's required to fulfill Med-Surg and OB courses. California doesn't require CGFNS. The BRN does their own evaluation, so your documents should be coming from your school. I think once you're finished filling up important information through your Breeze account, it will let you print the forms needed to be sent to the BRN and forms needed to be filled out by your school. So start your application through Breeze first.

Here are the links for the process, read them carefully:



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Hello! Does anyone know of any updates regarding RN endorsement to california from nevada as an international graduate? I was asked for my cases but unfortunately my school was not able to provide copies therefore I wasn't approved for endorsement.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Interested in feedback as well....my school just informed me that I will be short 4 clinical units which means I will lack in the clinical requirements to be endorsed in CA. Anyone have experience making up clinical units?

I'm still waiting on any feedback from anyone who has gone through this process as well, as far as I know we are suppose to be look for schools that have these certain classes like OB and med surge available but I have 2 kids in so cal san diego and none of the schools here offer just these 2 classes so my only option I have is to do a bridge Lvn to RN. :(


California Board didn't even give me an ineligible letter, they just said they couldn't process my request for endorsement if I wasn't able to give the required copies of my clinical OR Dr cases. So frustrating, I graduated 2010 as BSN RN, challenged LVN 2014, passed RN 2018 and am still working as an LVN because of this issue. If anyone has any information regarding this, Input, advise, anything is appreciated. 

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From previous posts, if you're not able to comply with the BRN, then they're not gonna give you the eligibility. They do their own evaluation, not through CGFNS or other agencies. Especially our BSN curriculum in the Philippines includes clinical cases, so they must be submitted for evaluation and they'll know if they're concurrent with the theory or not.

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Dominican University of California offers courses for IENs too. Email them at ien@dominican.edu for more queries. 

I’m a RN in Nevada for several years now and finishing my NP. I graduated in Philippines in 2009. Has anyone tried endorsing both RN and applying for NP cert for California? I read the courses I took in NP will not suffice the deficits for foreign grads but someone also told me to just verify since it has been over 10 years already. I did pass the LVN few years back in Ca but never used it since I moved to another state working as RN. I just don’t want to waste the non-refundable application fees if I am not going to have a shot at this. I tried calling them last week and I have on hold for more than an hour. Thank you