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Hello. I am new here - first time post.

I am trying to endorse my existing RN license from California to Alaska. 

* State Board of Nursing (SBN) mentions fingerprinting card. I do not know how they verify it is truly me and not someone else submitting fingerprints. I wanted to know how this verification process works. I have done some research on the card itself, and apparently it has multiple problems: takes longer to verify, costs more, higher likelihood of being done incorrectly and therefore rejected.

* In California we only use LiveScan. I found LiveScan centers in Alaska, but sadly none of them can answer a single question regarding the SBN when I call to speak with a person. If anyone has endorsed from another state to Alaska, and has used LiveScan, please, please reply with how and what you did regarding that.

I have tried emailing the SBN wherein they respond with - they will not respond! (LOL). If I call, I'm just on hold. I know each state has their own way of doing things, so I am only asking for how to endorse to Alaska and not any other state. Anyone who knows anything I would greatly welcome and appreciate your input/advice.

Thank you in advance...

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No Alaska experience, but have had multiple licenses from other states.

Checking Alaska BON website: They are having staffing shortage, unable answer phones nor return emails timely.

See Alaska BON  Fingerprint Information


This license application must be accompanied by a complete fingerprint card (may be used for the Alaska Department of Public Safety (DPS) and for the FBI national check). Fingerprint cards submitted must be those provided by the State of Alaska (printed in the pale blue ink); you may also use the standard FBI Form FD-258. Take the card, the instructions and photo identification to local law enforcement or other authorized agency to have the fingerprinting done.

Per Alaska Dept. Public safety "All fingerprints should be submitted on a standard FD-258 FBI fingerprint form".  See Alaska Dept. Public Safety to obtain fingerprint card.

Hope this info helps you.

The "law enforcement or other authorized agency" who does your fingerprints will sign the FD-258 after they verify your identity and fingerprint you.  

There are still people who do "ink" fingerprinting, or hard-card fingerprinting  besides just law enforcement.  In CA, some offices which have public notary services have the capability.  It  just takes some time to look around and find one.  You can even check some UPS Store locations.  Some do notary services and have seen a few here and there (this was some years ago) which did ink print cards.

But yes, you are correct.....sometimes the ink cards aren't legible and have to be redone AND you have to pay again ?   

Another option if you have time and some extra cash, why not just fly to AK?  It will give you an opportunity to scout the area to check out some places to live and also do fingerprints there.  

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*** UPDATE: 9/4/23:

Thank you to everyone here who has commented. Your help has been of great value. I have successfully submitted for endorsement and have received it. I have already been submitting and interviewing for jobs. 

On that front, in all my interviews I state that I am currently living in California, and will need to relocate to Alaska. Although this is acknowledged by the interviewers, I am followed up with - post-interview - can I start within the following week. Well, the obvious answer would be 'no', as was initially stated in the initial interview. 

The apparent assumption, although I am making a move from one state to another, is I would need to find housing (which you can't get without proof of employment), I would need to set up a new bank account, set up bills and utilities, move all of my stuff, and do all this without employment in the new state. It is more than likely my naivete, but this seems weird, odd.

Many jobs, disclosed in the interview process, state they pay for relocation costs - only after the move. This would put me back at square one. If I had employment set up, with something in writing, I could bite the bullet and make the move to another state. At least then I would know a time frame from where I would start employment there after having to leave employment here. Without all of that I would be in limbo.

I was under the impression there is a nursing shortage nationally, and especially in certain states. Alaska cannot fill its nursing shortage from within its own state population. Am I wrong or out of line for thinking they would seek from outside their state for additional nurses?

I must be missing something. Any advice or comment is welcomed. I thank you in advance...

Hello, try asking help for a processing agency like NEAC. They will help you and guide you all throughout the process. I used them for my NCLEX Application and it really is hassle-free. I think they also process license endorsement. Try inquiring to them

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