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Ok so last night I vaultenteered to work for a girl that quit I was just working the extra hours for the money plus I had nothing better to do dont get me wrong I love my job... for the most part. Any way there was only an hour left of my shift and the other aide and I were finishing out rounds collecting I&Os and taking out the trashes.we came to our las person who needed checked plus he had a bottom treatment. so we rolled him the other aide and I and the nurse came in to do his treatment I was on one side the other aide on the other side I rolled him over toward me and he is paralyzed from the neck down on a vent his belly is big he looks like a turtle almost or so one aide jokes. I left the side rail up to catch him in case I lost control I had his legs so they wouldnt fall so anyway we were cleaning him got his treatment on and all of a sudden the rail broke off and I blacked out I guess I tried to grab him but couldnt the nurse and the aide tried to grab him but that wasnt enough he fell face first on the the floor vent came off and I was freaking out the nurse was like oh*****I was like ****me was the first words out of my mouth then I started trying to turn him because he is on his belly and blood is pulling the other aide yelled help I need an RT and another nurse and aide now john doe fell out of bed!

the nurse that was in there told the other aide that was working on the other hall to call 911 the nurse and I log rolled him hooked the vent on him and to my surprise it wasnt as bad as it looked he had a little 3-4 inch gash on his for head above his nose. we stayed there and got him situated while wating for the EMS to come (thank god the hospital is right next door.) the resident though kept giving me dirty looks as if I purpousfly let him fall I didnt know what to say so I kept quiet besides saying yes ok when the nurse or other aide told me to do somthing. but the resident did have a sense of humor sayinf the fall was fun but the stop was a ****** after he was gone the room looked like a murder scene and I was just blanke in and and out. my nurse kept telling me its not your fault things like this happen at the end of all out shifts. the other nurse was like when I walked in I thought that his whole head split opend and brains were hanging out I was like ok if that was true then bye I quit. but now all I keep picturing was him falling out of bed after that thats all I have running through my head Im not mad or upset because I know stuff happens and it could have been a lot worse like his trach just tore out along with him falling on the floor. the day shift joked god what are you doing now flipping people out of bed now! but I thought that I would just share this with all you lovely aides nurses and other medical professions.

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Now you know why that girl quit. Just kidding.

I've had horrible mishaps that I felt personally responsible for, but they weren't in my fault. Those kind of things happen and your fortunate enough that the patient wasn't physically hurt (as in death) and that he was okay with it afterwards.

Just take things in stride and learn from this, to expect the unexpected.

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God that's awful. It's not your fault, sounds like the bed was not up to standards. That's so frightening. I have been fortunate to not have anything like that happen to me as of yet and I pray that it never does!

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