Encouraging signs! Is job situation improving?


I receive emails from a couple sites, advertsing job openings. The past two weeks, I have received numerous emails with RN hirings at multiple hospitals locally. Seems like a new one every other day for RN's, on various units and not specifying experiance. Children's, Johns Hopkins Bayview, Howard County, and South County are some of the ones I remember.

Does it seem like the jobs are opening up for the many new grads who have been searching and searching? My gut says now that we have had some movement on Healthcare reform, the wheel will start turning again. Any thoughts?


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I've seen openings myself as a new grad but I don't think enough have opened to make a difference. Last year the BON shows almost 2,000 people passing boards here. Now I know not everyone stays and such but there aren't that many jobs for students to get when they graduate and pass boards. I've been out since December 09, took NCLEX in Feb and can't even get a phone call or interview about a job as a new grad. ...hmmmph :(


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Holy Cross is hiring! Especially in the competitive areas of Mother/Baby, Peds, and L&D!

Come one, come all!


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Kina21, do you mind saying which local program you graduated from?


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I am from PA (Just 5 mins north of MD) and am in school in WV. I applied to Children's, Washington Hospital Center, and Inova as well as Hopkins and Northwest Hospital in Baltimore. I was contacted by Hopkins, WHC, and Northwest for interviews and ended up accepting the position at Northwest. The jobs situation is better here than some places but it still has a long way to go.