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Encouragement you can too! Passed NCLEX-RN 2015

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Just wan t to be an encouragement to anyone who needed it. I call myself the late bloomer because it took me some time to tackle the NCLEX-RN BEAST. I graduated lpn - rn mobility May of last year.and failed boards in July. I really can say failing boards took me down for a minute. I mean I felt ashamed to see my classmates moving on without me. It took me a good 5 months to even consider studying/reviewing for the big test. Fear had me in such a bondage that even I couldn't shake it. There were times when I would read fail to success stories on allnurses , youtube, and just search engines. But one day it finally clicked with the help of my hubby, coworkers, classmates, church family and God of course. I snapped out of it started to revamp my strategy to winning the beast. With the help of my coworkers I was able to utilize review books, lecture videos, and drilled myself on questions from Saunders, nclex. Cram, quizlet lacharity questions, and reviewed the rationales along with studied stuff I just couldn't recall and needed refreshing on. I finally got the nerve to set a date and that was when i really got committed to answering at least 75 or more questions a night, read answers and rationales, reviewed lab values, prayed and fasted. My test was on Thurs March 19 at 2pm. a day before my birthday! Why that day, I was able to take some days off from work in relation to my birthday and felt I would have given myself some time to study while the kids where at school. I did as usual questions reviewed answers and rationales. Day before the test I hung out with my hubby which was his hidden strategy of keeping my mind off the test. Day of the test reviewed lab values and quickly glanced at chest tubing, etc. Prayed all the way to the testing center listened to some worship songs and imagined myself wearing my boxing gloves. Got there on time took the whole entire 6 hr. and a break! I timed out at 241 questions. Since I had failed the first time I decided to wait to see if I had passed or failed so i figured Monday, lol. I just didn't want to cry on my birthday 9 the weekend a head. My hubby checked boards for me as I had requested and at that time he said I was still an lpn, but I wanted to see it for myself so that I could sob the rest of the night if need be. Once I had decided to check for myself there was a new license# and registered nurse by my name, best bday gift ever!!,

Stay encouraged, keep studying, reviewing, seek help, find strength and get back in the race; you've graduated so you know your stuff, now apply it and believe in Him. If I can you can too!

Good for you! Congrats! I think you have to get yourself at all times even if you have failed it. You have to keep encouraging yourself and have a goal in your head. I have failed my first exam and I was totally bummed about it. I cried but I also accepted it. I embraced it and look at what I can do different. I know what I've lacked of and I thought that I can get away with just looking at reviews and not really focusing on it. I learned the hard and very expensive way! I told myself that I will the the second time around and that I can do it as long as I believe in myself and with God. The first time I had taken it, I was not focus and I was too busy doing other things than study. Then I got myself up and focus on the things that I needed. I took the hurst review and thought it was useless until I re-read it and use my review (lippincott and Saunders older version) for each system. Some people told me that they read the entire book, but I didn't have much time so I did it by each system. I was only making about 60% correct but the explanations really helped! I did one question bank online and made about 70% but I was okay with it. I also skim through the nclex study guide on here the night before and put the hurst review under my pillow in hopes that my brain will absorb it (yes it's silly). Before getting in the testing center, I prayed once again and sat down. I was not nervous as the first one and I was confident! I've had 4-5 consecutive SATA question and I laughed at it and said "bring it on" lol. I had about 25 SALA and a lot of priority questions, 5 medications. I sat there very relaxed and tried my hardest not to look at the time nor the number I was on. The next thing I know is that it shut down on me. I think I got the minimum and I was out of there! If I can do it, anyone can do it as well! Just study, review and take some rest. Just believe in yourself and Him, for all things are possible through HIM!