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Just wondering if there are any Eastern Michigan University BSN students out there. I will be transferring there in the spring and will hopefully begin the nursing program Fall '04, if not, then '05.

How do you like the program? Anything or anyone to look out for?


I currently go to Eastern as a second bachelor's student. I just applied for acceptance into the nursing program after finishing up some of my pre-reqs. I haven't heard anything too bad or of anyone I need to watch out for in the nursing program itself, but the instructors of some of the pre-reqs are dandies. Lucky for you most of them are being replaced or aren't teaching the same classes this coming Fall. Oh, a word of warning for you though: watch out for the advisors. Make sure you go over the class requirements for yourself. I know plenty of first and second degree students who are now S.O.L. because of bad advice from the advisors. Good luck!!


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How long will it take you to finish the program as a second degree student?

I still will have another 3 years left. I've been finishing up the prerequisites for the last year and a half because I work full time too. I've heard that other area colleges have really short programs where you can get out in 18 months. I just can't bring myself to drive an hour away to Wayne State when I only live 2 miles from Eastern.


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I'm looking into EMU's program right now. I'll also be pursuing a 2nd bachelors. I want to go part time and need mostly evening classes. Is this possible? How many days per week do you have to attend? Could I get only evening classes 2-3 days per week? My hubby and I are trying to get pregnant right now, so I'm also wondering if I could take a semester off when I have the baby. I'm just looking for something flexible and part time. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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