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Hello- I am 19 years old and am about to start the LPN program at my local community college. I was also seriously considering in enrolling into a class to get my EMT license. My goal is to one day become a CRNA. I was wondering if any of you have went this route and if taking the EMT course could possibly increase my chances of one day be accepted to grad school. I am also somewhat worried. I recieved a B- in my Anat and Phys I class and I am most likely looking at a B or B+ in Anat and Phys II. Will this at all hinder my chances in being accepted. The way I see it you have to be a straight A student. Thanks for any feedback as I am really worried about this and need some insight from people who have already made it or are going through the process. All I can say, for those of you I have mentioned. JOB WELL DONE!

I was an EMT basic then went into a BSN program. I got the same grades as you in A&P in undergrad and am making A's now in CRNA school. Do your EMT so you can make some money and then go straight to BSN. LPN will only waste your time. You can do it, but it is a long road. Good luck

I was an EMT in the army, kept up my license while in nursing school, got a 2.5 in A&P. earned a 3.2 overall in my undergrad, and right now I'm retaking A&P for a better grade and my anesthesia applications are going downrange as soon as the class is over.

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I was a CNA then a LVN and now a BSN. I just got my acceptance letter to CRNA school yesterday. It was a longer road, but it suited my purposes at the time. There are a few LVN to BSN transition courses out there. I went to one at Univ of Tx in Tyler, Tx. They gave me a lot of transfer credit for my LVN + they also let me challenge 4 of the BSN courses (which I don't think they do anymore).

The thing to remember about your application is not the grades, certifications, work experience or the GRE that usually makes or breaks you it is how you did overall on all these things("the big picture"). A really good score on the GRE can overshadow bad grades or a mediocre score on the GRE can be overcome by good grades. Focus on your whole package. I got my CCRN, became an instructor for ACLS/PALS/BLS, and studied hard for my GRE. My low points to my application were the types/amount of ICU experience I had and the low score I made on the writing section of my GRE(3.0). My undergraduate grades were only average compared to the applicants overall.

Good Luck!


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You can , don't give up.


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I obtained my EMT Basic, ADN, then BSN. I have gotten interviews last year and I am currently rx interviews for this year. Keep those grades up and you will be fine.

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