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I'm currently a home care aid moving from California to Louisiana. I plan on attending nursing school there. If I were to register my dog as an emotional support dog due to anxiety would it affect me becoming a nurse?

It would mostly be for me at home since I'll be in a whole new setting and far from family. School wise I would be okay. Right now there are a lot of obstacles just to try to get her in any housing due to her size and coloring. I just don't want to get her registered and everything then later down the road it bite me in the butt when I finish nursing school and go to apply for a job.

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Hi there, and welcome to Allnurses.com! :) We're glad you're here!

You probably don't have anything to worry about since the dog is being used primarily at home. How well you do in school, and in life, depends a lot on how well you are doing overall. If your anxiety is not under control, either with therapy or medication (or both), you may want to consult a professional, if you haven't already.

If at all possible, don't disclose your anxiety at school or at work. Like it or not, there remains a stigma associated with mental health issues, and the less said the better. This may be somewhat difficult because schools often ask nursing students to supply a list of medications and health conditions they have. If you're not on meds, there's no need to share this information. But for goodness' sake, don't forgo treatment just in case you're asked questions about your medical history. It's too important that you do whatever you need to in order to take care of yourself.

I wish you the best in your future career. I also hope you're able to find a place to live that will accept your dog.


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I've been dealing with it for as long as I can remember but it's never affected school or work. Outside of that is a different story haha But I've always had my family and friends close by. While my husband is great he's back to active duty and I'm in a new place by myself. I've never been on medication and learned how to handle it better with age. I appreciate the advice. Thank you!


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Wait so are you planning on dorm rooming then?

Because if not I don't see what they could say it's not their property.

If it is a dorm you would probably have to take that up with campus housing.

I don't see why wanting a dog would affect your ability to become a nurse.