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Emergency situation!

Vicky Yu Vicky Yu (New) New

I am during My OPT, and it will end on January 10th. I find a hopspital who agreed to sponsor for green card for me. I have worked for one month in the hospital, but one critical question comes out now. The salary they offer me is $21/hr which is lower than the prevailing wage from EDD. My lawyer says my case must be denied if the hospital don't give me at least the same salary as the prevailing wage. Therefore, I try to negotiate with my hospital, but they insist the current salary. I don't know how to do, because I can not find another hospital and get all immigration paper done in such a short period before Jan 10th. How can I do?:o :imbar :crying2: Vicky Yu

Legally, they must offer you the same salary that they are paying to the rest of their nurses, or as your attorney has said, the petition will automatically be denied.

Where are you now? Where is the facility located? Are you willing to move, if necessary?

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