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Okay, here goes my 1st thread... I've worked for over a year in a ED as a unit clerk -I LOVE it!! The excitement, traumas, always learning something new, and a GREAT staff (nurses & docs). All are... Read More

  1. by   Havin' A Party!
    FWIW, our facility is one that generally doesn't hire a new grad into the ED.

    OTOH, know of other hospitals (even more trauma-oriented) that do.
  2. by   traumaRUs
    I work in central Illinois at a level one and we do hire new grads - all the time in fact. We have a very comprehensive 16 week orientation and then a mentorship too. I came to the ER 8 years ago with 2 years of ICU experience and although the pace was a bit hectic - I adapted as have all the newer nurses. Good luck - I'm a firm believer that you should do what you are happy doing - life is too short! Take care and good luck..
  3. by   SOCALRACERX911_RN
    Well said EMTPTORN. I totally agree with your thread especially about the confidence factor and the comment about the naysayers.
  4. by   Soonstudent
    Well sun chica, you should be graduating this month, what did you decide?