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  1. found this on the bathroom wall at work today. found it funny as well as accurate! not sure who wrote it or where it came from, but felt it was worth sharing. enjoy!

    fever, fever, mvc
    fever, fever, std
    chest pain, back pain, hard to breathe
    bumps and bruises skinned up knees

    got a woodchip in the eye
    smoked some dope and tried to fly
    too damn cold to sleep outside
    called 911 to get a ride

    for pelvic rooms the masses wait
    don't know why my period's late
    lacerations, bumped up heads
    out of food or out of meds

    took some pills to ease life's pain
    shot hot syrup in my vein
    hearing voices in my head
    out of rooms, out of beds

    my finger hurts and could you check the kids
    they might have colds, their friends all did
    up to triage pulls the van
    bring 'em in on the family plan

    nurses notes and charts for days
    fifteen thousand diet trays
    heal the masses every day
    this is how we earn our pay!!!
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  3. by   RNFROG3
    So true, so true.
  4. by   tony summers
    Very apt

    whoever wrote it is quite the poet

    Is there any more out?
  5. by   flashpoint
    LOL...I wish I could write like that!

    Getting ready for work...floating to med / surg today...so scary!
  6. by   ERNurse752
    hehe...well said, bravo!

    cotjockey, are you floating to med-surg voluntarily?
  7. by   l.rae
    bravo!bravo!....and soooooooooo true..
  8. by   eldernurse
    I just had the day from hell. Stretchers with cardiac monitors (that no one in particular was watching, I might add) in the hall, the ER on condition RED (which means we have no more room, pinhead medics), idiots with pancreatitis and an uncontrolled drinking binge for the Super Bowl wanting instant gratification with demeral, for pitty sake, and the pin head medics bring in a bad overdose (where would we like him, they ask? You know where!!!) So thanks, that little poem made my day. I need to be in bed too, I just don't want to go there so soon that my husband gets "ideas". :chuckle
  9. by   Darlene K.
    All too true!!

  10. by   veetach
    wow whoever wrote that knows what they are talking about!!
  11. by   AngelGirl
    Years and YEARS ago, at my very first nursing job, I found this on the wall. It has stuck with me ever since. My present job has good administration, however, I've had a few that deserved this poem:

    We, the Willing,
    Led by the Unknowing
    are doing the impossible
    For the Ungrateful.
    We have done so much
    For so long
    With so little
    We can now do ANYTHING with nothing!