Weapons in the E.R.

  1. I post this message a short time ago, and was amazed at the lack of response to it I can only think of two reasons (General) that would explain the lack of response to this issue. (1) I posted it in a "Wrong" area. or (2) there is a huge lack of concern for this issue. I am posting this here, in the hope that it was my error, and not a lack of concern on Nursing Professionals
    Have you ever looked down the barrel of e 9mm pistol in the E.R.? I have several times. Not to mention 38 Cal. pistols, "Sawed
    Off" Shotguns, Saturday Night Specials (25 Cal.), Knives, 2X4 boards with nails in the business end, etc. etc. etc. I have worked
    E.R.'s from New York to New Mexico and many places in between. It appears to me that that the #1 reason for these occurences, is "Illegal Gun Possession" but the #2 reason is, I feel, Hospital Policy. In the Guise of Patient Relations. The Hospital has it's "Disclaimer" by posting signs that state what can and cannot be brought into the Hospital. Then Hospital Administration burries it's head in the sand and leaves us all exposed to this type behavior. When these inequities are pointed out to Administration, They ask, "What would you like us to do, search everyone who enters the hospital?" Not a bad idea from my perspective, but I can certainly understand why they wouldn't want to do this(Too many Lawsuits ) So then what would be my solution?? How about Metal Detectors, (I have seen them in some E.R.s) Armed Security, (I have worked in many E.R.s that have these) it depends on how well trained and there utilization, of these personel! Of course cracking down on Illegal Gun Possession is a very important factor. (I am a legal, licence carrying, Gun Owner) so please don't tell me how getting rid of all guns would solve the problem. Take the guns completely out of criminals hands first, then I might consider giving up my Right to Own and Carry. Thank you all in advance for any Input, stories, etc. In the hope that there will be a much larger response here
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  4. by   kaycee
    I work in a community hospital ER. We have had guns come in and we've found them in clothes or had the police come to take them . Our security is a joke. We have more pt's use their fists or anything else they can grab as weapons. Also alot of verbal abuse. I think not only should they be searched on the way in(not realistic I know) but also on the way out. We have so much stuff stolen and we usually know who it is but you are not allowed to accuse anyone.
    The trauma center a short distance away has metal detectors and off duty police as security. No one gets in the ER without going through. It's a rough part of town. I think if we inforced the gun laws already on the books it would be better then more laws. I do think however that hospitals for the most part do not consider security and safety of their staff a huge priority and that's the real shame!!
  5. by   debbyed
    Maybe one reason you didn't get much of a response is that a few of us perfer not to think about it. We know there is a potential for violence every time we go to work. Just Friday I had a psyc. patient (who has a criminal history) threaten to come back one night and shoot me.

    I figure I have two choices: A. I continue to do my job and live my life to the best of my ability or B. I can run and hide.

    Heck, I'm an old ER nurse...Anybody stupid enough to bother an ER Nurse after a 12 hour shift from H**L deserves everything they get, and I assure you I'll go down with a fight.

    Our security officers do the best they can, but most have retired from either police or fire department, and they have no weapons, no metal detectors (bad for customer satisfaction) and no authority to do anything but say "Hi, My name is Joe, How may I help you"