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While giving activated charcoal per NG, the pt pulled his head hard enough and my syringe disconnedted from the NG. It soiled through a pt gown over my labcoat and left a nasty black tar stain. My... Read More

  1. by   KKERRN
    Thanks for your reply. I plan to retire from ER, but I gotta about 20 years to go!!! Glad to hear you still love it after all these years. That is encouraging for me.
  2. by   jmcclellanprofrn
    I don't know about y'all but we still have to wear whites. Whites and the ER do not go together at all! Oxyclean is great for everything, I throw it in with all my white laundry, still afraid to try it on colors, but since it worked on your cranberry, I'll take the risk.
    Second solution, call your linen department of their scrubs everytime this happens, and start wearing their scrubs. That way when they're dirty you can call for another pair. I have found this to be very cost efficient, for me! LOL!
  3. by   KKERRN
    That's a great suggestion, but we can only wear their scrubs that shift and must return them the next shift we work. Of course, many don't return them.
    Whites in the ER!!! Our area hospitals haven't had whites in the hospitals for probally 15 years. Most units have specific colors required, some hospitals give uniform allowances...most don't!! Some areas you change into their scrubs at work only.
    Oxyclean is great for carpet stains and I added it to my carpet shampoo and it really brightened the color. It even took out some old stains in my teenager's bedroom when I used a paste of oxyclean.
  4. by   teeituptom
    Howdy Yall
    From deep in the heart of Texas

    As far as actual cleaning, my wife does all that, I have no earthlt Idea, I dont even know how to work the washer and dryer. I can repair them though
  5. by   emily_mom
    Originally posted by Fgr8Out
    Oxyclean, Zout... I've been successful with both.

    Two Best Products In The World!!!!!!!!
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    Oxyclean..... it is the best thing to use on any stain!!!!! I love the way it brightens my white clothing and I used to use DI DI seven. it came in a tube.... I do not know where to find that stuff but it worked pretty good on it too.
  8. by   labornurse
    Oxyclean gets everything out.
  9. by   teeituptom
    Howdy Yall
    From deep in the heart of texas

    All you need is a good wife