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Let me start off by saying I really do like my new position in the ER. It was a good move for me,....but how the heck does anyone spend 8hrs in triage w/out ending up feeling cranky, mean and down... Read More

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    Quote from KristyEDrn
    I answer this one only if it is a doc that doesn't put up w/ BS and doesn't give an Rx for Vicodin, etc for every ache and pain like some of the docs do just to shut a pt up. You can see the dread in the pts faces immediately and it cracks me up!
    Me too! If they're going to leave AMA after getting to the back and seeing who the doc is anyway, I'll save us all the time and tell them at triage so they can leave.

    Just a side note: I don't particularly like triage, but I'm stuck at home on bedrest right now and would love to be back at triage!