Triage differential pay?

  1. Does any body get Triage differential pay at your hospital? I'm pushing to have at least $1.50 on top of our hourly rate for Triage. If anybody knows anything about this issue I will appreciate your input.

    Thanks. Carlos.RN.CEN.MICN
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  3. by   neneRN
    Our triage nurse are paid charge nurse pay, I believe it's 1.25 more an hour. The rational is that they are making independant decisions- no doc in triage.
  4. by   Tink RN
    No triage diff where I work. Interesting thought though ...
  5. by   ernurse728
    No differential pay here
  6. by   lisae
    at our facility we have a triage/charge nurse differential that compares to the differential that the "charge" nurses on the floor receive
  7. by   healingtouchRN
    no diff here.
    one place I worked (left there because I felt it was unsafe), let nurses from other depts with NO ED experience work triage because they were on "light duty"!!!!!! I swear when I worked triage, it was no light duty from the swooning dehydrated people, the wiggling babies needing rectal temps, they obese people with weakness in a wheelchair....I did lots of pushin', pullin, draggin' & sprints to get not breathing babies breathing again!!!! Unreal. Of course the ED manager had never worked in or ran an ED before either...can we say clueless??????
  8. by   BobFromER
    I'd never heard of a differential for Triage, but it makes sense. At our ER, some nurses love triage, others dread it. I am among those that like it, but would not want to do it exclusively.
    Recently, our admin has decided that 4 hours at triage was enough, and then the nurse should be rotated to another area. I guess they had received some complaints from patients/family that the nurses seemed stressed out and were short with people.
    It IS a hotseat at times!

  9. by   TaraER-RN
    I wish we could get a diff. for triage!! I hate it...maybe I wouldn't mind it as much if we got paid more. In our ER we have to rotate through it, everyone gets trained for it at a year experience...and its up to the charge who goes out there each night...maybe instead of all dreading it wed all volunteer!
  10. by   veetach
    nope. No diff here. Only our charge nurses get a diff (other than the off shift diff) and we get $1.25/hr for charge pay.
  11. by   KKERRN
    no diff for triage, but charge nurse gets about $1.50 depending on years of nursing seniority.
    It's agreat idea. Very few like it where I work.