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  1. Hey Chubby, I am a BSN graduate and currently employed in the US Air Force. I work in psych at this time but I am trying to get into the med-surge side of the hospital. If I am unable to do this I will eventually find myself looking for medical experince in the civilian world of nursing. Do you know of ways (schools, internships, etc.) that a nurse can go to and/or get to impress that person doing the hiring in a hospital. I have ACLS, multiple CE's, and I am certified in psych nursing also.

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    They'll always want a year of med-surg. Just to get the nuts and bolts, HOWEVER, my previous employer hired GNs. It was a Level II, extremely busy place. (the charge nurse carried a cell phone). look at Inner City University-type hospitals. Pre-hospital experience isn't bad to have either. I'm actually looking to get back into the ICCU/CCU arena ,cause further down the road, its pretty much gonna be ER or ICCU or home-never hurts to get cross-trained