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  1. by   EmeraldNYL
    Ok guys, what does GOMER stand for? Sorry for being a retard, I'm still a student!
  2. by   Stargazer
    An acronym for "Get Out of My Emergency Room." Introduced in the classic novel The House of God, a hilarious, raunchy, irreverent but ultimately redeeming book. An absolute must-read for all nursing and med students.
  3. by   LilgirlRN
    The Q word is definitely out and never say "I wonder what happened to ____ (insert your favorite frequent flyers name that hasn't been in in 2 weeks)". Within4 hours they'll be in the ER.
  4. by   flashpoint
    LOL...there are a lot of things you should never joke or talk about or even think about. Last Saturday, one of our EMS guys was talking about how long it had been since we had done a good search and rescue. Sure enough, that night when it was snowing and -15, we had a guy who was pulled over for suspected DUI, who ran from the cops out in the country. We spent two hours walking around in the hills before we finally found the guy. Then one of our new medics was talking about how he hasn't had to run a code on his own yet...sure enough he's ran three since he made that statement. And just Wednesday, one of our doctors made the comment that we haven't delivered a baby in the ER since it was remodeled. Today, the RN delivered a 29 week breech, while I caught a term baby of a 16 year old with no prenatal care! Neither the RN or I had any idea what the other one was doing...we were both just cussing each other for not being there to help us!

    Is everyone just super, super busy right now? Busier than normal I mean! We've had every bed inthe hospital full for over a week (unusual for our small rural hospital). The ER has been so busy that we're all putting in at least 4 hours of OT every shift and we've had more OB patients this week than we average in three months. We're busy enough that we're transferring patients to other hospitals and we're holding patients in ER for over 12 hours (never done that before). And yesterday, we had three helicopters waiting to land to transfer patients...that's never happened before either. When will it end?
  5. by   baseline
    Honey, its mid-winter in Fla, and YES we are busy!! The other night the ED was holding 31 patients. This is not good, but is fairly typical this time of year. Patients in beds in the waiting rooms, in halls........sigh. Bring on summer.........
  6. by   AngelGirl
    Very busy here in CA. Lots of N/V/D= dehydrated kids, and plenty of CHF in the older crowd. Our rooms designated for psych patients seem full and in a holding pattern. :angel2:
  7. by   Disablednurse
    When I worked at the hospital, crickets would come in the back door and it was a definite no no to step on them. Just as sure as you stepped on one, the ER would fill up with patients and there would be admits out the butt for the next week. Also was the Q word.