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We had a pt come to the ER at 0300 b/c she wanted a urethral dilation... :rolleyes: The charge nurse told her that the ER doctor can't do things like that, and that there was no way she could get... Read More

  1. by   TazziRN
    Our ancillary clinic (10 miles away) had a baby sent down by ambulance for a respiratory eval because the mama (a little Oaxacan) had no other way to get here; the PA felt strongly the baby needed and ER eval. When they got here (baby looked fine, by the way!) my tech suggested that the mom begin to arrange for a ride home since it would probably take her a while to find someone. Mama did not understand why on Earth the ambulance couldn't take her home also!!
  2. by   gwenith
    An AMbulance for chapped lips OMG!

    Reminds me fo the joke about Bill and Bob out riding the range and Bill notices every so often Bob stops gets off the horse goes around to the back of the horse lifts the horse's tail and purses his lips and rubs them against the rear of the horse. This happens a couple of times and Bills curiosity finally gets the better of him and he asks Bob what he is doing. Bob replies
    "I got the worst case of chapped lips you can imagine."
    "Really?" says Bill "and that cures them?"
    "No but it sure stops me licking them!"

    Brings to mind intriquing possibilities for education of the patient with teh chapped lips...........

    That is if we were nasty people but we aren't so we don't.