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I have taken BLS,ACLS,TNCC,PALS,and ECRN. Now I want to take either TNS or CEN. Those of you who have taken one or both which would you suggest and how did you prepare for the test. I most likely... Read More

  1. by   tridil2000
    That's interesting!
    I have both CCRN & CEN and I found the CCRN easier!
    Did you ever take it and pass?
  2. by   MassED
    Quote from TZRNER
    My background is I graduated in May 2004 and have been working in a level 2 ER since....I am going to stay there registry and go to a trauma center after I have 2 years experience. How is the CCRN? I've heard at work that no one passes the CEN the first time...Could be they don't want "a new Nurse" having more certificates then some of the old set in there way nurses..Our hospital gives an 8% pay raise for either TNS or CEN.
    that's nice you get a pay bump for that. I got my BSN and my hospital didn't provide any salary increase for that, nor do they for CEN. Even though for a level 2 trauma center they want to have all nurses TNCC and CEN.... you'd think there'd be an incentive out there for retention and to better yourself - even though the money isn't what it's all about.... but it has a lot to do with it!
  3. by   MassED
    Quote from traumaRUs
    Personally, I'm an IL ER RN and have both the TNS and CEN. I found the TNS test much harder than the CEN. However, TNS is only recognized in IL, so I think the CEN is much more marketable.
    thank you for clarifying TNS!!! =)
  4. by   schroeders_piano
    Quote from Veteran Nurse
    TNS is a course you take, and recieve confirmation that you took the class.
    CEN however, is a certification exam that tests your body of knowledge of emergency nursing. It is like comparing oranges and antelopes.

    For example, you would not put "Jane Smith RN, TNS" as your credentials.
    You would use "Jane Smith RN, CEN" as your credentials. Do you get it?:uhoh21:
    Acually you do put Jane Smith, RN TNS. TNS is a state of Illinois credential. You get a nice little card from the state when you complete it. TNS is going out of style. TNCC is the gold standard for trauma training.
    CEN would probably be the better one to go for.
  5. by   silver1
    Yes I did take the CCRN and passed both CCRN and CEN first try. I as well found the CEN more difficult, BUT never working a day in the ER and working 3 yrs in ICU, it should have been harder. I do have TNCC is that the equivalent to Illinois's TNS or do you take TNCC in Illinois also?