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  1. Howdy, I'm a new graduate who is actually working on a Neuroscience floor but all the nurses on my floor are TNCC certified. I actually signed up to take the class in September and by that time I'll have been working for just over a year. My question is what can I expect from the class? I'm reading the book already since I have no ER experience, but is there a certain chapter to focus on? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   neneRN
    Memorize how to do the A-I assessment! The written test is very straightforward and comes right from the book, but you will have to perform a full secondary assessment live in front of an instructor and knowing the A-I is essential. (There was a post on this not too long ago, look under the Emergency Nursing section)
  4. by   RNdudeNNJ
    Just took TNCC this past Friday. nene is right, just know your A-I assessment steps and you will be fine. The written test is out of the book and is common sense, critical thinking stuff. I passed the written test with a 100% and i passed the stations from knowing the assessment steps. Good luck to you