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I will be taking TNCC this week & am a little worried......the other ER nurses really know their stuff....I on the other hand have only been in the ER for ~6 months, (been a nurse for 2 yrs)....can... Read More

  1. by   crb613
    Just to let everyone know.....I passed. I made the 2nd highest score in the class on the TNP ..... Thanks for all your help!
  2. by   SDS_RN
    Good job.
    I just took the course a few wks ago for the first time and I thought it was a great course. I read through my book and studied the info but I did think that the written test was tough. Even one of the nurses that's been a nurse for 25 yrs said that the test was harder than before. It really made you think.
    Congrats again.