Stand alone ER/ED

  1. Any RNs work part time/per diem/PRN for stand alone ER's? Not the Urgent Cares, but the actual fully equipped stand alone ED centers.

    What was your previous experience? Do you think one of these facilities would be willing to hire with ICU experience? What's a typical oriention at these facilities?
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    I moved your post to the Emergency Nursing forum.

    I started off my ED career in a freestanding ED — fully capable of functioning as an ED (it was even a certified stroke center), so orientation was typical ED orientation. Depends on the facility if they'd hire people with ICU experience, but you might be at a disadvantage trying to do that PRN without ED experience — it's a bit more of a leap than you might expect. Our ED saw some high volume and high acuity, including those crazy traumas that you can't believe just showed up via the front door.

    I worked with some awesome former ICU nurses at that ED, but they had left ICU and were in the ED full time.
  4. by   chan727
    I currently work PRN at a stand alone and trauma 2 center. Prior to this I was a ICU nurse and they loved that I had this experience mainly because we had less critical patient and I was already had the knowledge of being able to take care of a critical patient when the time was needed compared to someone that did not have critical care experience. The one thing that I had to learn was everything was a focus assessment, such as I am not going to do a complete neuro on someone with a injuries hand. Also I don't known if they will hire PRN due to no ED experience but if you start out full time or part time you may be able to switch later on as I was able to do.