So is this a normal pattern ? several good days followed by

  1. one BAD one where you goof up/forget/feel like you can never catch up ?

    Lab called in a critical lab value. I wrote it on the board and then got busy with an incoming resp. distress. Emerged from the stall 25 minutes later to the not so happy doc wanting to know why I didn't report it UGH...I felt so stupid.My Dh reminds me of how many times I have an "ON" day, but I am very conscientious about my work and this bothers and bothers me.
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  3. by   TazziRN
    VERY normal. You will occasionally have days when it seems like you can do nothing right. There will be other days when you feel invincible, that nothing can go wrong.
  4. by   rjflyn
    There are good days and far less bad days. As far as the noted situation if you were just assisting another nurse with her pateint then your pts critical lab value takes presedence. If your ER is anything like mine one less set of hands for a minute or two wont make that much difference as typically I have to ask people to leave more often than not having enough help.