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  1. Hey ya'll!
    So you may remember me from weeks earlier. I posted a thread about my new job in the ER. Well I've been in orientation for about 5 weeks now and I think I'm adjusting well. I'm formerly from the PACU for about 3 years and the ER was a real change of pace. So far I really like it(most days anyway) and I've learned a lot. The biggest problem I'm having is I start off going great at the beginning of my shift...but come about 3PM, the patients keep rolling in and I start pulling some in the halls. I'm finding it hard to keep my organization after I start moving them into the hallway. I've learned that it really helps if I check in all the new patients myself, from triage and EMS, but it is still overwhelming at times (esp if I've had a CPR in prog, AMI, ect along with the rest of my assignment). Any suggestions, hints, or encouragement would be greatly appreciated. Oh, btw... Happy Thanksgiving!
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  3. by   gonzo1
    Continue to watch how experienced nurses work and take tips from them. I am still learning new time saving techniques and gaining experience every day, even after 2.5 years. So give yourself a break, you are still very new to the gig.
    One thing is to start IV and draw labs and get urine on everyone as soon after they hit your room as possible. If you hook everyone up to full monitors and set bp to every 30 minutes or so you can run in and check your patient and their vitals quickly.
    Always remember to treat the patient and not the monitor. And be very mindful of any changes in level of consciousness.
    If you have some downtime think about what your patients may need and try to do it ahead of time if possible.
    Sometimes I get myself in a pickle because it's slow and I could be getting a set of vital signs on everyone, but instead I chat. So try to stay ahead of the game.
    Also, if you have techs make sure you are using them to help you in whatever capacity their jobs allow so you can focus on the stuff only a nurse can do.
    Every day when you are done mentally go over your day and see if there is anything that you would do different that you can try in the future.
    Good luck and I'm glad you like the ER. I know I do
  4. by   andhow5
    I'm glad to hear you're settling in! It sounds like you've gotten into your grove OK. But no matter how hard you try (or try to control/maintain) - some days it makes NO difference. They just keep coming, and coming, and coming...

    On those days I just grit my teeth and do the best I can, and if I end my shift with no death paperwork, consider it a fabulous day!