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Response to general topic are RNs being overworked and underpaid. For all the heath care adjustments that are abeing made and the added responsibilities RNs are assigned which used to be done by... Read More

  1. by   Anna Flaxis
    Ugh, well maybe I spoke too soon. Yesterday was just awful. Can't wait to see what today holds...
  2. by   Amnesiac70
    Where I come from, we call that "Tuesdays" LOL
  3. by   Armygirl7
    Toots what you describe in terms of Pt loads and through put is what our ED is like pretty much every single day. It's completely nuts and unsafe and aggravating to everyone. However I feel I am paid well and I always get a lunch break.

    RN-1 you said "Nursing middle managers have been a huge disappointment to me. There is so much they could do to facilitate a smoother workday for their staff, but they just don't care! Anybody agree?"

    I am a new nurse in the ED - can you describe to me some of the things middle managers (would that equate to the unit's nurse manager or the unit's asst. nurse managers?) could do to facilitate a smoother workday. I am just naive enough to bring up suggestions at a meeting!!