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  1. I have been a nurse for just over a year. I spent about 9 months working at a walk-in clinic and also this whole time at a acute in-patient psych unit. I would like to get back into medical and have always wanted to do ED. My question is this, how do I now if I am capable enough? I obviously don't utilize the same nursing skills in psych as I would in ED. I am also terrifed that they will think that I am dumb and our ED already hates our psych unit. On the rare occasion that we do get some medical I feel that I am compitent, I also feel that I am new enough that I haven't forgotten everything from school yet. I really need a change I love what I do But I am so bored. I work every shift under the sun and can no longer handle that. i don't care what shift I really work I only want to work 1. I personally feel that I do well in stressful situations, and quite frankly I prefer them. I am so confused. I also have heard the old stereotype that ED staff is egotistical and I am not, in fact I am on the insecure side. What do you think?
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  3. by   vamedic4
    Kittie- search for opportunities that are available in your ER, go to HR and see if any openings exist and talk to anyone you know who works in ER. Ask questions..whatever you want to know...most ER nurses I know LOVE to talk about their jobs. Get I going to have to work 3 different shifts per week?? Ask things you want to know.

    As for your insecurities...every aspect of our lives presents new challenges. You're a nurse, you just need a little self confidence. YOU CAN DO IT!!
    So what if ER staff is egotistical??? As long as you're's no problem!! Just do the best job you can. ER is a whole different world, but if you're up to the challenge- you can be a VALUABLE asset. Never lose your faith in your abilities. Now get out there and do it. If you don't like it..YOU'RE A NURSE...THERE'S THOUSANDS OF JOBS OUT THERE FOR YOU.

    Good luck with your decision!!!!!

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  4. by   traumaRUs
    Hi there. Can you job-shadow at your facility? Many ER's take new grads, so your inexperience in ER shouldn't be a problem. I guess I don't see the egotistical attitudes in our ER. Yes, we are confident and comfortable in what we do. Maybe that comes off that way. However, when you are expected to care for whatever comes in the door from the preemie to the baby who is s/p open heart repair, to the teen trauma patient, the geriatric CVA, you do have to feel comfortable and secure in your skills. That is what I absolutely loved in the ER: the ability to know that I could handle anything that came in the door.

    Good luck - the ER rocks!
  5. by   RN1263
    i'm presently an r.n. student, but i use to be an e.r. tech and i can tell you just from observing that it seems like the nurses there are ready to except newbies as long as you don't have a "i know it ALL" attitude, cuz they know you don't ....
    if they know you're eager to learn, most were willing to help, least that's what i saw?
    also, i agree e.r. is VERY different from the floors. you may find that what the floor nurses see as egotistical is really just confidence like traumarus said....

    i say GO FOR IT!!!! if it doesn't work out, it won't be the end of the world, right?