Pregnant ED RN--Is this discrimination or is it fair? Please weigh in. - page 2

Preface I am 38 weeks pregnant and still being a CHAMP as an ED RN. I work the busy busy swing shift and have neither asked for nor expected any job modifications. However, most of my co-workers... Read More

  1. by   brithoover
    Quote from Sweet_Wild_Rose
    While the way he said it sounds rude, he does have a point that if one is unable to perform the required work, one shouldn't be working in that environment. What were the recommendations of your OBGYN? If he or she has not implemented any restrictions, then your coworkers are not obligated to help you (not that they would if you were on restrictions and the hospital didn't offer a light duty option- you may have simply needed to take a medical leave at that point). The fact that they have speaks to great coworkers and teamwork, but there is no obligation on their part to do so. This is in no way discrimination, and the charge nurse may have refused for many reasons- maybe he has his own back problems, maybe he's helped before (with many nurses, not just you) and just didn't want to at that point or felt taken advantage of, and maybe he was just being a jerk.
    She just needed help with a transfer. Any normal human being would help her. Just like if I'm sitting on a bus, I would give up my seat for a pregnant lady. Common courtesy.
  2. by   SionainnRN
    If it's a rare occurance then I don't see the harm, but if you're no longer able to do your job then it's time to go on leave. And to me it's very different to have someone offer to help vs you asking for help.
  3. by   anotherone
    hmmm. where i work most of the male aides and nurses trip over themselves to help (lol). the few guys on our unit love to show off how "strong" they are. as if i wasnt turning bariatric pts before they showed up . to an extent, i agree with him, but many of our 90lb non pregnant nurses couldnt transfer most pts on their own either. it would be discrimination to give the non pregnant nurses the heavier assignments .......