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What do nurses think about this? I will tell you what I know. We had a new nurse start about 2 months ago. Three years experience. She was taking assignments like the rest of us. Then after... Read More

  1. by   OCNRN63
    Quote from DeeAngel
    Sorry but if you can't do the job you were hired to do then you need to find something else. The other nurses should not have to tolerate being out of triage rotation because one nurse finds the back work too taxing. She was hired to do the job everyone else does only now she is saying she wants just one small aspect of the job exclusively for herself to hell with everyone else.

    Buh bye! Time to find a job where the job description you are hired under specifics that it is a triage only position.
    What about nurses who work in oncology and become pregnant and want to nurse their baby? Should they be terminated because they can't handle chemo, causing the other nurses to have to hang and disconnect all the chemo on their patients?

    I think your attitude is pretty harsh. Cross your fingers that nothing ever happens to you and you need accommodation in order to keep working.