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  1. I have been doing my clinical this semester at a very busy urban ED. I absolutely love it and feel that I have progressed well. We are only required to put in 12 hr/week but I had the option of working more if I wanted so I have averaged between 20 and 25 hrs/week. This provides me with more continuity in getting hang of everything.

    I very much want an internship for the Spring (I graduate in May) and am not quite sure how to approach the NM. For this clinical position it required an interview. At that time I was told that their goal is to find someone who is interested in working in the ED after graduation. It was said "If you like us and we like you, you will have the opportunity of having an internship and then we would hire you as a new grad." I want this very much.

    Any tips on how to approach my NM and the reasons I would be a good candidate would be extremely helpful. I am an older student and I haven't interviewed in about 20 years or so.

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   S.T.A.C.E.Y
    What would I do? Casually ask the NM about when applications are being taken for the new grad internship that she had mentioned during your previous interview. Tell her you are are VERY interested in doing their internship program and want to get your application in early.
  4. by   HM2VikingRN
    For our synthesis rotations we had a bidding process. I chose ER because I want to work ER after graduation. I picked my site based on the availability of jobs (there are openings in the site where I am working now...). I just started my synthesis and am trying to accomplish the same goal as you.

    I would approach your clinical instructor and ask them if they have any suggestions about continuing on in the spring at your current ED. I would ask the NM about how to apply for a spring slot. (I am sure she has noticed that you are already putting in extra hours.) She is probably waiting for you to ask about placement in the ER for spring. Best of luck from one ER junkie to another.
  5. by   SummerGarden
    OP: the hospital probably is running the internship rather then the ED. So, I would go to HR to find out how you may apply. As for the NM, I would let him/her know that you are specifically applying for the position in the ED because of your interest and your current hard work and contributions to the ED. On the application I am sure you will be able to brag about your contributions and how you would make the best candidate as well as give the NM the opportunity to write a letter of recommendation (how many applicants have people on the floor of choice write their letters of recs as well as make the decision to hire???).

    BTW, I am in the application process too... I know the NMs and Director of my floor of choice. Plus, I work on the floor and have them writing me letters. In fact, they have told me that they are hiring me. I am just going through the application process for uhh.... show. Remember its all about who you now. GL!!!

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