1. I am interested in becoming and MICN. How do I go about this? Besides going through the hospital I work for, do I have any other options where I can get the certification?
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  3. by   chmotz
    Kim:You have to be sponsered by your basestation.(assuming you already work at a base)You then go to PTI at Harbor UCLA for didactic's and then you take the test.However if you leave your base and go to another hosp. that is not a base you then lose your MICN credentials.All that work.What a drag.Good luck.Being an MICN was a blast.

  4. by   KR
    I was just wondering what was meant by MICN.
    Would that be mobile intensive care nurse? If not, what is it that you are referrring too? Thank you very much.
    Kimberly Rush
  5. by   CEN35
    Kim, Hi nice to see a post by you again! I've replied to you before, but never received responses?

    Anyhow, yes it stands for Mobile Intensive Care Nurse. Every state is different. In Ohio, it's sponsored by your hospitals ER. If you go to a different hospital, then you need to take theirs. Most hospitals around Cleveland, ahve different criteria in their courses. Check out your hospital ER, and ask the ED director about it.