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How does your facility handle med rec? Our way is so time consuming and it doesn't seem to make sense to me. Maybe I'm being a bit naive with this next statement but here goes....... I can't... Read More

  1. by   Christy1019
    oh okay, was that person actually an employee or a volunteer? our guy is like late 70s, hes gotta be so tired walking around the ER all day but hes such a trooper and he seems to really love doing it, even if it is dealing w/cranky crackheads for free! lol
  2. by   samantha11
    In our ER we are expected to do med rec's on everyone. I wish the PMD's and RX would do more teaching on this, Give them a card filled out or something. Too many people don't know what they take. The Doc's are suppose to fill in indications, but all the work falls on the RN per usual. The night shift is at a disadvantage because we can't get all the pharmacies while they are open. Who really wants to call them anyway. I really love the nursing homes that send the in copies of MRA's but block off the signature section so you can't tell if it's been given or not. Really, what do they have to hide I wonder? It's all time consuming bs. People are so stupid. I love the "well you have it in your computer don't you". NO.. Anyway, you were suppose to follow up with your pmd after your last visit to the ER. That's what we tell them to do anyway..
  3. by   Mimmm
    Seriously.. JCAHO thinks med reconciliation will save lives??
  4. by   frenchfroggyAPRN
    Quote from luckylucyrn
    Yep, we do that in our ED all the time....Med reconciliation on EVERYONE. Even the earaches, the sore throats, etc. It stinks, but now it's just part of my routine.

    We have to fill them out even if they don't take anything. Just to prove that we asked.
  5. by   ernrs2b
    I worked at one facility who wanted the nurses to scan meds in to Meditech, then scan the pt, and then give the pt's the meds you scanned, talk about tying up your time...I understand it works for the floors, but in the ER! It takes a minute or two to sign in to the computer, and another three to get the package and name band to scan correctly, before you know it, it's taken 5 minutes to give one drug! Not very efficient! I have found that most nurses have cut corners on this policy.