mandatory scrubs?

  1. Does your facility require you to wear a certain color scrubs for your unit, and if so, do they provide them, or give a clothing allowance? Our ER is talking about requiring nurses to wear one color, techs one color...etc. However, the rumor is, we are going to have to pay for them ourselves. I'd appreciate your feedback. Thanks!
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  3. by   teeituptom
    we already are color coded

    the hosp did buy us 3 sets of scrubs initially but after that its up to us to maintain our color

    No big deal really

    we can be color coded, doesnt hurt

    at least you never have to choose what to wear

    I suppose its good for identity or whatever

    doo wah ditty
  4. by   Medic946RN
    Yep, my ED requires RNs to wear navy blue or white or a combo of white and navy. The techs wear teal and the clerks maroon. No they don't issue scrubs or do they give you a clothing allowance. I don't know if the other floors have this policy cause when I take pts the nurses are wearing pretty much whatever they please. We got a little lax on the color coding over the summer and the manager made sure everyone knew this was unacceptable. He's even requiring that the travelers and agency nurses wear the department colors. I don't have problem with it as I like navy blue, I'd probably be a little more upset if it was salmon pink, periwinkle or some of the other garish colors I've seen in the scrub catalogs.
  5. by   teeituptom
    I concur

    we wear navy blue and white also

    pink certainly wouldnt be my color, yuck
  6. by   Renee' Y-Y
    Another facility I worked at was color coded:
    Nurses - royal blue & white
    Techs - teal
    Unit Secretaries - pink or maroon
    Housekeeping - "dirty" purple
    Resp Therapy - ceil blue

    The hospital did not purchase any scrubs for us. However, I have always worn scrubs anyway, so it didn't matter. Also, I REALLY liked the color knew everyone's role just by the color of their scrubs. I found it very helpful.
  7. by   duckboy20
    The past two hospitals required mandatory scrub colors, not for each unit, but one for nurses, one for CNA's, etc. No clothing allowance either
  8. by   Rena RN 2003
    our ER provides our scrubs.......standard issue navy blue drawstring pants and one pocket shirt. ICK. i buy my own in whatever pattern/color i desire.
  9. by   ManEnough
    Quote from Renee' Y-Y
    Another facility I worked at was color coded:
    Also, I REALLY liked the color knew everyone's role just by the color of their scrubs. I found it very helpful.
    Thank you for saying that. At the facility I work at, it's nearly impossible to tell the CNAs from the LVNs from the RNs from the MDs from the lawyer visiting her sick cousin. Name badges are supposed to serve this purpose but the vast majority of them are facing the wrong way or covered in stickers and pins. Love the idea of being able to instantly tell who's who.
  10. by   marcicatherine
    In our ER, we wear surgical scrubs which are provided to us. Get a pair off the cart, change, work, change, go home. It is very convient, especially with body fluids flying on a daily basis. We have the option of 2 colors, surgical blue or surgical green.......but hey, they're free, so who cares.
  11. by   RNFROG3
    When I started in the ED 3 years ago we were color coded naturally I had every color ecept what was required. No clothing allowance, no help from the hospital. Two years ago the coded colors went away. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I think the colors everybody wears is moe cheerful and celebrates our individuality. The one thing our nurse manager stressed when she opened up the colors is be professional, clean and neat. If the staff couldn't meet her on that point then the code would be back. We still have our colors so I guess we are doing well.
  12. by   veetach
    we lost the mandatory color codes about 7 years ago. I guess it is easier for the hospital to just let us wear what we want. Our Registration clerks and housekeeping all weare scrubs, complete with helicopter pins on their name tags and and lanyards patients are constantly confusing them with the nursing staff.
  13. by   RNin92
    Our hospital is color coded, too.

    Nurses-royal blue or white
    Techs/Secs-ceil blue or pink
    Resp-black (wonder who they pi$$ed off!)
    Cath Lab-red

    Hospital only provides for OR and Cath Lab.

    I don't get the big deal...everyone STILL thinks...
    wearing scrubs...see above
  14. by   teeituptom
    life is simple

    either scrub it or leave it