interviewing the ER, seeking advice!!

  1. HI All,
    I am interviewing in a level 1 trauma center ED next week and often read this board. Wondering if anyone had any good advice for me for the interview! I have been a nurse a year and half, currently work an a ccu in Neuro. Im excited to join a fast-paced environment where i'll see alot and learn alot!!!
    Thanks All!!
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  3. by   edmia
    Hi and Good Luck! first of all.
    I recently interviewed at a Level 1 ED in a huge urban hospital and the experience was great. My interview lasted all of 20 minutes and I was offered the position on the spot. (the administrative part of this was another story, but that's the nursing administration office's fault, not the ED).

    I prepared for the interview by researching the facility and its history. I knew the ED stats (visits per year, capacity, etc) and was ready to ask questions about that:
    What's the average amount of patients you see daily?
    What's the usual (or ideal) staffing ratio?
    What's the acuity level of the patients?
    Can you tell me about the population that utilizes your ED?
    How do you handle traumas? Is there a set "trauma team"? If so, how does one go about getting on the trauma team?
    Do you have separate areas in your ED for common issues such as asthma? Do asthma patients wait to be triaged with the general population or is there a fast-track?
    Any other fast-tracks?
    Will I receive ACLS training at the facility? if not, will I be reimbursed for my tuition?
    What is your new hire orientation like? Will I have an assigned preceptor or mentor? How long until I'm working the shift I get hired for?

    Also, ask to take a tour of the ED. You need to know what you're getting into. My tour was really exciting. The ED was chaotic, super busy but I felt a great energy from the people working there, so it made the decision to take the job easier.

    I was asked for my transcripts from school, which I didn't expect, but I'm a new grad so maybe that's the reason.

    What else? Oh, the interviewer asked me those questions like:
    What is your strongest trait?
    What is your weakness?
    and rate yourself from 1 to 5 on the following: ability to multitask, assertiveness, etc. That was the hardest part of the interview for me because I don't normally rate myself, but I was honest and tried to think about each item in a clinical situation before I answered.

    Hope this helps!
  4. by   HM2VikingRN
    Thank you. I am interviewing by example in my synthesis rotation so these will definitely help me focus on my doing by example.