I'm in!

  1. I just found out that I've been accepted to the nursing program for this fall! I'm very excited but very nervous, especially after reading some of the posts on this BB. Any good advice for me?
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  3. by   sherryleetns
    All the words of advise and/or sympathy won't help much. You will soon find out if this feild is for you or not. I welcome you to the only profession I ever wanted to be part of, and am very proud of the fact that I am a nurse. Just remember that if there is a particular area of nursing you find that is just not your bag there are a hundred other area to choose from. GOOD LUCK from an RN pal.

  4. by   CEN35
    Advice? Go for what you want, bust your @#$ and do well! Most importantly, don't let ANY instructor discoutage you from a certain area. I was told in school, you can't get into an ER out of school, and that ER nursing is not REAL nursing.
    I went to ER right out of school, kicked butt, did real well and almost 5yrs later am a nurse manager. I won't say it was easy, I learned tons along the way. IMO the learning curve after school, on the job was huge the first year!

    Good Luck!

  5. by   redridnghud
    Good Deal..Nursing school...hmmmm. Yes its hard. Yes you can do it. Yes, some instructors are out to maim who ever they can. But..Key: Study, be prepaired, If you get knocked down get back up. Remember everyone starts some where. P.S. NEVER GIVE UP!
  6. by   Sylvia
    The best advice anyone ever gave me was this: if you have any BS in your life that will stop you from doing your best, eliminate it before school starts.

    Study hard and be prepared. It's hard, but it's not impossible.

    And don't let other people get you down. Some instructors like to tear students apart but after awhile you realize there is a reason for it. Only the strong survive in this field and I guess it's their way of weeding out the weak.