I have an interview!

  1. WELL i have an interview next week for the ER. I'm so excited, but not getting my hopes up as its a f/t position and i really need p/t due to child care issues. AND the ER manager kept asking me "how long will it take you to get up and running?" i told him i had no real ER experience, but that i had floated frequently in the past. He kept saying they needed "seasoned" nurses, so i finally told him that i've been a nurse for 10 years. But i need orientation and need to learn how to be an ER nurse. Any thoughts on what i should say or should have said? lol I'm nervous, but i'm kinda hoping it'll work out!!!
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  3. by   Stitchie
    Dawn how wonderful!

    Are you staying in WY or coming home to IL?

    Ask about orientation; you're not an agency nurse! Everyone needs "seasoned nurses"; that's why there's a shortage.

    Ask about classes you need to take, ACLS if you don't have it, ECRN, TNCC, PALS, EKG. How the education program works and if you have the opportunity to get advanced degrees. What the shift is like, how many patients, what to do if you feel overwhelmed. If you'll be working with residents and / or attendings primarily and what those relationships are like (formal, pole-up-the-butt Dr. XYXY or first name basis, how orders get entered, etc.) How does the room run, lab results, etc.

    Good luck, keep us 'posted'!
  4. by   bluesky
    Sure you want to work for someone like this?
  5. by   SnowymtnRN
    I'm not sure of ANYTHING...but i figure an interview can't hurt anything either.

    Stichie, we are still planning on coming back, we just don't know when we can do it financially. Rob got an offer on his old job back at the U of C, but as far as he knows there's no relocation assistance. So its out of pocket for us right now. So i figure if i can work up until we leave, part time or whatever it'll only help us achieve the end goal!!!
  6. by   SnowymtnRN
    well the interview was strange but went well. I was interviewed by the staff, not the director. lol They wanted to know my education and experience, then asked me a ton of "life" questions. Stuff like what would you do if you saw a coworker being dishonest? what was your favorite boss and why? what was your worst boss and why? Who is your best friend, what positive things has he/she done for you and your career... lol stuff like that. I'll find out this week sometime if i got it or not.