Hypothermia after cardiac arrest

  1. Anybody out there using a hypothermia after cardiac arrest protocol? We've just recently added this to our practice where I work and there is a lot of confusion about what to do, in what order, etc... Any advice out there on how to accomplish this and get the patient to the unit in an orderly fashion? Thanks!
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  3. by   Altra
    Yes, we use this in some code situations.

    I'll PM the details tomorrow.
  4. by   tridil2000
    Quote from MLOS
    Yes, we use this in some code situations.

    I'll PM the details tomorrow.
    oh pls post them! or pm me as well!
  5. by   AM-RN
    great. looking forward to it. thanks!
  6. by   msn2008
    We also started this protocol this year. I'll try to bring home a copy of the orders and post them this weekend. We've had pretty good outcomes; it is a lot of work, but it saves lives, and brain cells!
  7. by   hogan4736
    Our doc went to housekeeping (really, he did) and emptied out 2 spray bottles, filled them w/ tap water, and began spraying the pt, while the rest of us were carrying out his (continued) code...

    Can you say "in-service"

    Though we still have empty spray bottles nearby...
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  8. by   AM-RN
    for those of you doing this protocol - are your er docs placing the art line?
  9. by   Lurksalot
    Yes, we are using the hypothermia protocol, in patients who do not regain consciousness after being resuscitated. We're using the artic sun cooling machine, I'm not sure off the top of my head what the target temp is, but I will dig up our protocol. It's all new. And yes, our docs will put in an A line in the ED. As for getting the patient to the unit, it's all greek to me, I have no advice on how to get patients out of the ED!:imbar