How to impress during a face to face interview

  1. Yesterday, I had a phone interview with the manager of an ED in an out-of-state hospital, which I won't disclose the name of. It's a level 2 trauma facility with 25 beds and it offers a 12 week orientation for new grads plus classes once a month for 1 year. I think the phone interview went very well. I seemed to impress the manager with my experiences as a student, and I already have half the certifications required according to her. Now the next step is a face to face meeting with her, and perhaps other nurses as well.What can I do to look good in person? If you are a manager or if you have participated in group interviews before, what is one thing that makes someone stand out in your eyes?
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  3. by   Nurseadam
    Certifications. Do you have your ACLS? PALS? NR?
    were you an intern any where?

    personality wise, energy/passion/confidence will impress them.