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I am looking for visitor policies or guidelines that are used in your emergency departments. We are currently being asked to relook at our visitation guidelines. Over the years we have gone trough... Read More

  1. by   rnmomtobe2010
    Two at a time..But most of the time lil boochie and all his homeboys and girls will crowd out a room...I am not a nurse yet, but I have seen it done...
  2. by   Knoodsen
    Quote from CanERRN
    Ours is as many as want to come in - no limit - customer satisfaction is our motto.

    Let me put this out there...I don't want to start anything ..... but ......
    has anyone else noticed that the problem with overcrowding is much worse with a lower socioeconomic population. Along with that (in general) there tends to be a lower education level - and when these two are combined translates into an over crowding issue in the ER