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How do you describe what you do to friends and family? There are so many facets of my role as an RN in the ER. I often don't feel like I can accurately convey what I do when people ask. I'm just... Read More

  1. by   AfloydRN
    I always ask if they have seen ER which everyone has and then tell them it's not like that at all. They have ALOT more help than we have ever had. Imagine if a terrible accident happened we would be the ones trying to help everyone.In my daughters words " My mommy's a nurse and she helps people feel beter"
  2. by   bethin
    I have a waitressing job interspersed with hand holding. No tips, but here's my tip jar (as I hold open my pocket). Pts and families always laugh.
  3. by   bethin
    Quote from jbird125
    I like that, although we sometimes say the opposite, when i have patients telling me i am going to hell because i am an unkind uncaring nurse because their abdo pain has to wait untill ive finished with the trauma patient.

    In that case i simply tell them that i am going to hell and have a suite already reserved.

    It always shuts them up.

    I'm going to write that down. It comes in handy with confused pts who tell me I'm going to hell because I work on Sunday.