Historic perspective on an ER treatment modality

  1. Dear ER nurses,

    Would you please help me choose a topic for my research paper?

    I am a BSN student and very interested in working in ER; so, when we were given a choice of a couple of ways we can write a research paper this semester, I wanted to pick one that was involved with ER. This paper is intended as an "opportunity to learn more about the historical background of a specific treatment modality or health care practice of interest to the student."

    We're supposed to

    - Select a specific treatment modality or health care practice
    - Describe the current practice
    - Consider when the practice began and be sure that your search goes back to that date (or earlier to describe the practice prior to that modality)
    - Describe how the problem was solved previously and the evolution of the practice
    - Consider the costs and benefits of the previous practices as well as the current practice

    I am leaning towards treatment of chest pain/MI in ER, but I thought I'd ask here to see if you guys have any other suggestions for me. Obviously, I won't have as much experience and perspective as those who work in the ER trenches every day.

    Here are some of the sample topics the professor has given us, to give you an idea what she's looking for:

    • Hemodialysis
    • Patient controlled analgesia
    • Advance directives
    • Kidney (or other) transplants
    • Laparoscopic surgery
    • Extracorporeal lithotripsy

    Thanks in advance for you help!
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  3. by   Christy1019
    I agree that chest pain/MI is quite common in the ED, the only other things I can think of is cardiac arrest situations because the ACLS guidelines are ALWAYS changing, or possibly overdoses/significant alcohol intoxication, because it used to be a big practice to pump stomachs but its rarely done anymore. Hope that helps.
  4. by   FlyingScot
    Also the initial treatment of sepsis is extremely interesting. Google Emmanuel Rivers. He has really made advances in the care of septic patients with regard to initial treatment in the ED that has improved outcomes.