Help!form Samples Use In A/e Dept.

  1. [font=fixedsys]hi to everybody!
    [font=fixedsys]i'm working here in singapore for 4 yrs.
    [font=fixedsys]ive been in a/e dept. eversince.

    [font=fixedsys]i just want some help if possible.
    [font=fixedsys]my a/e dept. doesnt have a proper forms
    [font=fixedsys]to document treatments/procedures done and
    [font=fixedsys]medications given to our patients.

    [font=fixedsys]if its possible that you can email me some samples
    [font=fixedsys]of the form that you are using in your a/e because im
    [font=fixedsys]trying to create a form for my dept.

    [font=fixedsys]thank you very much.
    [font=fixedsys]hope you can help me asap coz my hospital admin.
    [font=fixedsys]is trying to apply for jci accreditation.

    [font=fixedsys]you may email the sample forms at
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  3. by   Larry77
    A/E dept?...arts and entertainment? (he he) Not sure what you are asking, maybe I'm missing something...?
  4. by   RobCPhT
    Can you explain what A/E means in your area? I make most of the forms for my facilities and wouldn't mind putting together one for you. Chances are I probably have what you need anyway.

    Have a great day!